Instructions to Authors

Pakistan journal of holistic health is an open access peer-reviewed online journal. We publish materials of interest to the practitioners and scientists in the broad field of medicine. Articles describing original qualitative, quantitative, human/animal clinical or laboratory studies are considered for publication. All manuscripts should be comprehensible to the general reader and lead to improved decision making in public health and policy.

Types of Manuscript:

PJOHH publish original and review articles related to the holistic health. Subcategories are the followings.

  1. Case reports.
  2. Case series.
  3. Descriptive research
  4. Analytical research with clinical trials.
  5. Clinical conference abstracts.
  6. Short reports.
  7. Special communications and letters to the editor.
  8. Special issues and articles regarding innovation.
  9. Secondary research including narrative reviews.
  10. Systematic reviews.
  11. Evidence-based articles.
  12. Meta-analysis, and practice guidelines will also be considered for publication.
  13. From time-to-time invited articles are published.

Points to Ponder:

Manuscripts must be original and not under consideration by another publication at the time of submission.